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Post by lorddral on Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:27 pm

well i was thinking about some of the games that i play and why i like them so much when i realized the greatest thing about them was their mods.

so i was thinking why not create a multiplayer gametype mod for jk2.

when you post here i want you to describe your idea for a gametype, and give ALOT of details. also Oram i would like to know if you are willing to do this, if not i would like to know if anyone else can make them.

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new gametypes Empty Re: new gametypes

Post by Mr.Someone on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:41 pm

well there can be an insta lms gamemode. or any other kind of lms with any gun.

there can be a kickfight gamemode where if you kick someone they go flying. it's situated mostly on the pad. last man alive wins.

hide and seek gamemode? not much to it, just restart. person who's it has special abilities and everyone else gets a 10-20 second head start.

a tag gamemode where the person who's it is faster than most people and has force. other people have bubbles. same as kickfight where they go flying and they're it. it gives other people a chance to run.

a snipe gamemode. on a map sniper friendly, where there is one hit kill so no charging up the gun. only the sniper rifle. it isn't lms, it's just most kills in a round.

cagematch. i versus one. emp, term, nothing powers, idk. just one versus one.

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