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Post by CrazyKilla on Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:36 pm

Well some know (what do most know about me anyway???) me and some don't. HI and Tanis sorta know me cause I used to get on JK2 as much as possible. Well basically... I'm an OK duelist better with some more then others *cough cough Dral cough cough*, I am annoying I get that, mostly cause its fun to see how some reacts when they get angry, yes this is a bit, ummm destructive, but lets me get a hold on what kinda person you are on the game. I am a bit irritable (gay roofs on NS-Streets:x) but I am easy to get along with mostly. I have a CRAPPY sense of humor (the Office, Scary Movie) but still sometimes I am actually funny sometimes. Well thats all cya guys in the game
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